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Ingredientes para Massas

Our Story

The first Macarronada Italiana was inaugurated on January 25, 1975, but its history began long before that... Going back to the past...

The Italian couple, Bruno Zavischi and Gabriela (Bella) Salvater, on a tour of Balneáreo Camboriú, fell in love with Brazil, where they decided to settle permanently. The idea of selling the Taglirarine produced by them, as they did in Italy, came with the support of friends. However, after eight years, and without physical conditions to continue the work, Mr. Bruno Zavischi offered the business to the couple Bruno and Nanda. They accepted the challenge, learned the "Secret" and took the idea further.

In 1974, Giuseppe was put in charge by his brother to take care of the business for some time and at the end of 1975 Bruno took over again. Thus, returning to Campinas and already married to Marilza, Giuseppe decided to open his own Macarronada branch, supported by his brothers-in-law Roberto and Guilherme. Then came the first Macarronada Italiana on the road to Valinhos. In the beginning, the menu was quite simple, and only offered Tagliarini Bolognese (a recipe originally from Camboriú).

After a year and a half of a lot of struggle and desire to grow, Macarronada Italiana moved to downtown Campinas, on Av. Francisco Glicério, on the corner of Duque de Caxias, where he stayed for four years. Thus, relying on the loyalty of its customers, it expanded its menu and created new dishes of delicious Italian cuisine.

This history of more than 25 years shows that Italian Macaroni has always been dedicated to offering quality and excellence in its products and maintaining this practice is its main objective.

Image by Bermix Studio
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